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Community Rules by Yellow and Black
The Yellow and Black Network (Yellow and Black) is formed from the online community of individuals who have a shared interest in yellow school buses and the various student transportation systems that use them. The membership of the website is highly diverse, with members from a wide range of backgrounds related to student transportation, representing a number of different generations. Taking that into consideration, the Yellow and Black staff team is posting this list of rules for everyone to read and follow. In addition to establishing a safe and positive environment for all who visit the site, these rules are intended to improve the experience of all members, so the website can be counted on as a resource by all who use it.

Yellow and Black is operated by a team of volunteer moderators and administrators. Part of our responsibilities include enforcing the community rules and taking action against those who break them. However, the primary goal of the staff team, along with maintaining a positive environment, is fostering the overall discussion. It is always safe to contact a staff member with any questions related to Yellow and Black.

Yellow and Black Community Rules
Do not post...

  • Spam or any form of mass advertisement
  • Personal Information (personal contact information (home address, phone number, etc) are not allowed on the forum)
  • Profanity (or efforts to bypass our profanity filter)
  • Obscene material (pornographic images or language)
  • Discussion of illegal activity (if it's against the does not belong on here!)

Do post...

While there is a list of things that cannot be posted on Yellow and Black, we welcome a great deal of topics and replies that follow proper forum etiquette. The better that this practice is followed, the better that topics can remain a coherent conversation, allowing for well-supported topics that other members can respond to.

Yellow and Black is an English-language website
We require all content to be posted in the English language. This requirement is to facilitate the proper moderation of all content by our staff team. While some users of our site may not be native speakers of the English language, we recommend the use of text translators. In addition, all content is required to be posted using proper grammar and complete sentences (i.e., no l33t or txt speak).

Yellow and Black requires credit where credit is due
We do realize that many forum posts will include the use of both photography and videos along with texts. All material posted on the forum must be owned by the poster. If not, you must cite your sources, properly credit the creator, or seek permission from the creator for usage.

Yellow and Black does not welcome bullies
While we know that some topics may have a degree of disagreement or dispute before a consensus is reached, abusive behavior is prohibited on Yellow and Black Examples of this include (but are not limited to): insults, attacks, harassment, and discrimination (such as race, sex, religion, gender, and any other preferences). In addition to content openly posted on the website, this also applies to the Private Message system.

Yellow and Black does not feed the trolls or fan the flames
As part of hijacking a forum topic, trolling is baiting, flaming is responding. Both clog up topics with needless off-topic posts. Don't do it.

Member Accounts
Each member of Yellow and Black is allowed ONE account; multiple or shared accounts are not allowed. Members who are under a forum ban cannot register under a new account.

Have Fun!
While not explicitly a rule, this is one of the major reasons why our staff team has written this list. We want everyone in the community who visits the site to gain something from the experience. While there will be a wide variety of topics and discussions for the community, Yellow and Black tries hard to develop discussions for all in the community.


Please take note that your access to this website is a privilege and can be revoked at any time by discretion of the administration and staff. Any violation of the restrictions listed above (or the Proboards Terms of Service) will result in disciplinary action taken against your account. By registering and using the Yellow and Black Forums, a member agrees to be bound and to abide by the Yellow and Black Community Rules and ProBoards Terms of Service. Violations of either terms may result in a warning, suspension, or termination of the offending members account at this forum.

First time offenders will typically be issued a warning by the staff team. Beyond the first offense, some user accounts may be disciplined to a greater or lesser degree at the discretion of the Yellow and Black staff team; depending on the nature of the offense, repeat offenders will either have a suspension or ban placed on their account.

While Yellow and Black staff will usually be understanding, it is your job to act respectfully on the website. We have the right to prevent and restrict a user from accessing this website through IP address bans and termination of affiliated accounts.

Liability - While the staff members (administrators and appointed moderators) help maintain the forum, no responsibility or liability is accepted or inferred for content posted by any member.

All administrative and staff decisions are final.

Updated October 6, 2021
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